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12 Jul 2019


Jeff Broome


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 12 Jul 2019

If you're looking for a bit of text in a large selection of documents, you may spend some time looking because Windows can't help you with much in that regard. However, if you know how to take advantage of specialized tools, you won't have any problems finding what you're looking for. A good example is Grepy2, which gets straight to the point of locating a specific string in any number of text files. Just tell it what to search for and it will provide you with the results before you know it. It's an excellent solution in many cases, like trying to find a quote you've read a long time ago or locating specific lines of code.

The application is absolutely free, with no hidden fees or restrictions. You can use it on any modern Windows system without encountering any compatibility issues. Also, you don't have to install any special tools or drivers, and you don't need powerful hardware to run the application.

Grepy2 starts off by displaying a blank results list. It consists of two portions, one with the files containing the text you're looking for, on the upper half of the window, and one with the actual text, on the lower half. You can set up a new search query on a separate window, on which you have to specify the string you want to find, a file name or extension or both, as well as the folder in which the software should look in. Additionally, you can tick a few options, on the same window, if you want to make your search case sensitive, look for regular expressions or perform a recursive folder search.

The software doesn't take too long to search your files. Once it finds everything, it will immediately display the results on the main interface. At this point, you can select individual files to see their contained text, as well as your search query highlighted in red. Besides the file names, the software also tells you where you can find the files, their type, how much space they take up and how many matches they contain. Additionally, you may right-click anywhere in the results list to copy all file paths to the clipboard or export the results list as a CSV file.

Regardless of what piece of text you're looking for, Grepy2 can find it in your files in just a few seconds.


You can search for text strings in any number of files. The software lets you make a few tweaks along the way. It works fast, and it's quite easy to use.


There are no serious drawbacks to address.



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